Montana Business Professionals of America

Corporate and Education Sponsors

Need some cash to help with your chapter’s conference expenses?
How about recruiting corporate sponsors for MT Business Professionals of America?

It's easy…

This is a win-win situation…
The business is recognized at the state level for its support of Montana BPA.  Your chapter receives a significant portion of the pledge/contribution for your effort.  Montana BPA makes a contact and has the potential to continue the corporate sponsorship for years to come.

Why recruit corporate sponsors?
Besides the dues and state conference registration fees paid by the Montana BPA members, the only other source of income is from the financial support of corporate sponsors.  As we build partnerships with Montana businesses, we hope to continue to improve the quality of our state conference and increase opportunities for BPA students.  With additional corporate sponsors we could possibly invite top notch keynote speakers, increase the dollar amount or number of BPA scholarships awarded, offer more workshops, and more.  If you start recruiting now, we could put the contributions to work for the 2021 State Leadership Conference!

Who to approach?

With over 80 active BPA chapters and more than 1,500 BPA members in Montana, there could be a community or company, large or small that might be able to support BPA. with a monetary contribution if they were aware of the importance of Montana Business Professionals of America.

Be creative with your approach!  Good luck and enjoy recruiting!

If you have any questions, contact Anza Ketterman, Montana BPA Executive Secretary, at 406-871-1715 or