Montana Business Professionals of America

About Us

Our Pledge

We are met in a spirit of friendship and goodwill as we prepare for careers in a world class work force. We work together to develop professionalism and leadership through Business Professionals of America and pledge our loyalty to our nation.

Our Mission

To empower Montana Business Professionals of America students to succeed in a world-class workforce through the development of leadership, academic and technological skills. There are many chapters in Montana, which is divided into eight regions.

Our Colors

Business Professionals of America's colors are navy blue, tan and red. The navy blue signifies the success achieved through leadership and professionalism. Tan represents the bountiful fields of opportunity in America. The red symbolizes the friendship obtained through devotion and teamwork in our organization.

Our Name

Business- the field for which we prepare our students, emphasizes that we educate our members to work efficiently, not only in an office setting, but also in a wide variety of business situations.

Professionals- our students indicate they join to take advantage of a wide variety of professional development opportunities.

of America- symbolizes pride in our country and its free enterprise system.

Our Purpose

Business Professionals of America is an intra-curricular activity that is part of an education program designed to develop leadership abilities, competency in business occupations and interest in the American business system.

Business Professionals of America is a national career and technical student organization consisting of 23 state associations and more than 43,000 members. The organization serves students who are currently, or were previously enrolled, in a business education program at a secondary or post-secondary institution. Chapters are located in high schools, career/technical centers, post-secondary technical institutions, junior and community colleges, and colleges and universities.